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Home / Events / ILCA Training - National WPNSA
Home / Events / ILCA Training - National WPNSA

ILCA Training - National WPNSA

11th - 12 March 2023

National Training eligibility as provided on the UKLA booking portal

  1. National Training is open to the top 30 in current ILCA 6 & ILCA 4 Youth Series ranking. Please note that this is a performance standard, not based on capacity or coach ratios.
  2. National Training is also open to non-youth in top 30 of current Senior ranking but sailors who do not have enough events in the ranking will be considered by exception.
  3. National training for ILCA7s is open to experienced racers in our qualifiers.
  4. For sailors who have transitioned in the last six months before the event and do not have enough events in the ranking, a top 30 in one of the events they have attended will suffice.
  5. For sailors who have transitioned in the last six months before the event and do not have any events in the ranking, they must have attended at least one open training and the head coach (of the National Training) will need to certify they are at the right performance standard for National Training (Please note this will not be given as a matter of course in fairness to sailors who have attended ranking events)
  6. These criteria may only be relaxed by exception by UKLA with the agreement of the head coach solely to ensure gender diversity. This exception will not be subject to an appeal or dealt with otherwise by members of the UKLA Committee
  7. If National training is over-subscribed with those that meet the criteria, places will be awarded on a first applied first served basis.
  8. Please do not enter for National Training unless you are eligible pursuant to the above criteria.
  9. To be considered for an exception based on the gender diversity policy above, please email in advance of entering.

This event is limited to 40 sailors.

UKLA endeavour to inform you of your acceptance on the basis of the criteria within a week of the closing date for entries. Late entries will not be accepted.

This training is for UKLA members only. You must be an active member to book. No refund for cancellations after 1st March 2023. All cancellations are subject to £5 admin fee. Payment will only be requested if an approval is subsequently provided, based on the stated criteria. This will generally be provided 2-3 weeks before the event.

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